Harnessing the Marketing power of Smartphones

September 1, 2011

Smartphone’s are fast becoming the phone to have in the UK.

For 2011’s first quarter they represented nearly 50% of all handset sales. And with the peak Christmas period just around the corner, combined with free handset deals, sales will soar.

Through the brand new world of Applications and Widgets, this rise in sales will then have a massive impact on the way products and services are promoted.

It’s creating a whole new way to communicate with prospects, customers and stakeholders.

Let me give you an example. Formula1 racing fans can now get exactly the data the teams’ get in real time. The Formula1 Widget streams race data, direct from Formula One Management’s Technical Centre, to any Smartphone.

Can you imagine the impact of having such an intense dialogue with the people you would like to influence or do business with?

Another example is the use of QR codes. These are now being flashed on TV screens during programmes, included on POS, used at exhibitions and even being used within Newspaper advertising features.

In a matter of seconds the Smartphone captures information embedded within QR Codes, such as promotional URL’s, without the need for any typing. With just one ‘click’ you can communicate stock, offers, special deals etc.

Smartphones offer a fresh, exciting way to communicate. And with this comes a greater opportunity to make your business message stand out.

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