These ‘Twitter’ tools will raise your Social Media ROI

May 13, 2010

If you’ve set the bar high for the KPI’s for Social Media activity, then these four ‘Twitter’ tools will really help you fine tune things, creating a better opportunity for you.

Take a look.

Tweet Effect
This generates a list of your recent tweets. Next to each one, it will tell you how many people started following you or stopped following you immediately afterwards. From this information you can continue to develop the style of message that builds followers

A bit like Tweet Effect, but this programme sends you an email when someone stops following you after you’ve ‘Tweeted’. Again this will enable you to change your approach

Goodbye Buddy
This generates a list of followers that you still follow but have recently stopped following you. Hence you can decide whether these are important to you. If so, you can contact them to find out why or change your content back to the style that attracted them in the first place

Mr. Tweet
This identifies your best and most influential followers. Hence you can make sure that you ‘Tweet’ about content that really interests them and encourages them to RT your ‘Tweets’

Try them – they are great tools to help you achieve the wise words spoken by James Farley, CMO Ford, who said.

“You can’t just say it. You have to get the people to say it to each other”.

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