Surf the customer wave

February 21, 2011

A ‘Green Cathedral’ it wasn’t, but this surfer was hitting the waves on Whitby Bay last Sunday for all he was worth. Foolhardy, maybe. Having fun, definitely. And because he was motivated, despite the cold, he had the sea to himself.

But what’s this got to do with customer’s you might ask?

It’s simply that our attitude to business and how we approach sales, is what makes us stand out, creating a point of difference. And, like our surfer, when we stand out we can be recognised and people become aware of what we are doing and are attracted to us.

Many organisations spend a lot of time creating a point of difference and then focus the majority of their time and effort on winning new customers. That’s their approach to increasing sales and building their business. And it’s missing a trick.

Because this approach takes time and effort to build trust and eventually a sale, it isn’t the best way to either create ‘Instant wins’ or increase revenue, especially in a down turn. It takes considerable time, staff focus and is very expensive.

There are two much better ways to increase revenue, short term, through smarter marketing.

The first is to apply techniques designed to increase the average transaction value. This will have the effect of increasing the profit that each sale makes for you.

The second is to use promotional activity to increase the frequency of transactions. This means that you will get more value out of each client.

Sure, there are costs involved in taking this approach, but they are minimal when compared with the cost of gaining new customers in the first place.

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