How can you reduce your Cost of Sales in these times of spiralling fuel prices?

April 23, 2012

It’s about using technology to help with better qualification of prospects and increasing ‘Added Value’ without appearing to be any less enthusiastic for the business.

Web Conferencing saves money and is more efficientGenerally speaking in a flat economy, Sales require more effort. You have to get past the traditional way of an initial meeting – coffee and taking notes, to understand the client’s requirement. You have to speed up the Sales process.


Because Sales have a longer purchasing cycle as many client organisations add extra layers to the purchasing process, involving more people in the decision. Added to this, many prefer to work with existing providers, but negotiate tougher deals.  So they combine a better deal with the knowledge that their provider has the track record to deliver.

All this adds up to a tougher and more demanding job for Sales people. They need to be resilient, more resourceful and appear more professional to win through in this environment.

So when margins are slim and the buying cycle more demanding and longer, just how can you reduce costs whilst adding value during the Sales process?

One way is to use the power of modern technology through Web conferencing. At a stroke this reduces travelling costs and the time associated with getting from A to B.

It also enable presentations to multiple buyers and influencers within the Sales chain in a manner that puts across the message in a professional way; creating a positive first impression because it can be specifically tailored to each prospect, qualifying them as part of the initial process.

The main Sales benefits of using web conferencing are:

–          Creates a live demo, targeted to meet the prospect’s needs

–          Has no associated travelling costs

–          Increases the efficiency of the qualification process

–          Engaging as it is very visual

–          Ideal approach to meet ‘Upselling’ and ‘Cross selling’ requirements

–          Flexible and more adaptable than a face to face presentation

Today’s web conferencing morphs a Sales call into a presentation into an engaging and professional communication. When you want to expand productivity, sell into new geographical territories and minimise Sales’ staff travelling time and expense, it can become one of the most powerful Sales tools available.

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Do you have a Social Media Funnel?

April 16, 2012

The majority of businesses understand where their sales come from and what they spend to achieve them, yet often when it comes to Social Media they have little idea of the impact or costs. Usually because one of the attractions is that it’s ‘Free’.

And that’s a major issue, because Social Media isn’t actually ‘Free’. The cost comes from the regular time needed to establish an appropriate strategy and then to implement it via this relatively new channel.

Let me paint a picture of what can happen. It all starts in a blaze of youthful passion and enthusiasm – the team will sort out the strategy later. The ‘Blogs’ up and running, Facebook and Twitter accounts are opened and posts made daily, the YouTube viral is uploaded and LinkedIn profiles are 100% and relevant groups joined and conversations started.

Then a few weeks later the shine starts to fade and interest wanes.

Either relevant followers haven’t appeared or website traffic has stayed the same and enquiries are static despite hours of effort. And then it dawns that all this time has been spent chasing nothing. A big hole has been dug. And what’s worse, the organisation is trapped on the Social Media treadmill as stopping now could have a potentially damaging impact on existing customers and prospects amongst the followers and fans. A vicious circle has been created.

But it doesn’t have to be this way; there is a better way to manage Social Media. A Social Media Funnel is part of a strategy that involves and uses all the company’s staff, expertise and resources in a consistent and clear manner to create the required leverage.

Plan your strategy first, then you can identify and measure metrics that confirm you are achieving your goals. When you can do this, you will know that you are creating appropriate consumer interaction for building your business and have a great Social Media Funnel in place.

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