How will QR Codes help your organisation?

May 17, 2011

Short for ‘Quick Response’ codes, these symbols are the next generation bar code. They can store far more information, are quickly and easily generated and can be read by SMART phones.

They are used to provide a way of taking information from transitory media such as POS, brochures, web pages, posters, tickets and putting it onto a SMART phone, so that the user can access the information later – ideal for people on the move.

And for the marketing savvy, they are more useful than barcodes because they can store (and digitally present) much more data, including URL links, GPS coordinates, text, key product features. Instead of requiring a chunky hand-held bar code scanner, they can be read, in the blink of an eye, by modern SMART phones using either iPhone or Android apps.

The SMART phone market in increasing exponentially and as it does the use of these clever symbols will increase too as consumers want a quick and easy way to store information important to them.

How can they be used?

Here are a few examples:

– To create a new dimension to your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube presence etc.
– Promote product details at shows, exhibitions and retailers POS
– Another channel for communicating contact details, adding them directly into a prospects contact list
– Personalising Special offers, promotions, coupons
– Creating links to other information.

Worldwide, 172 million SMART phones were sold last year, up 24 percent. In contrast, total mobile phone sales were flat at 1.2 billion (Source Gartner 2010).

So early adopters will benefit from this growing opportunity – the only constraint is your creativity.

If you want to decode the QR on this page, save the image and go to this web site.

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