How can you keep your staff motivated in difficult times?

July 12, 2010

Downturn, redundancy, pay freezes, recession are not words that inspire and motivate staff. So in times such as we have now, here are some ideas to help you keep your staff focussed, positive and getting a buzz out of working for your organisation.

The CIPD, in a survey of 2000 workers in 2007, established that 43% of employees are dissatisfied with the relationship they have with their line Manager. I doubt that this situation has improved.

The reasons for this are also strikingly clear:

– Poor Work/Life balance.
– Poor acknowledgement of their performance.
– Poor prospects, stuck in the same role for too long.
– Poor communication from the top.

So here are four ways to stop this happening?

1. Start a Talent Management Programme – encourage individual’s to develop their talents and skills within a blame free culture.
2. Communicate your organisation’s vision and strategy. Clearly show how decisions are reached and the direction the organisation is going. Make this a priority and make it precise.
3. Create a Coaching and Learning Culture. Encourage staff to work outside of their comfort zones to provide a challenge and help with their self development.
4. Introduce a 360 degree evaluation process, so that any Manager/Staff issues can be identified and worked through.

These activities will all help reduce staff turnover, motivate staff and help them achieve better performance for your organisation.

When you consider the disruption that staff leaving causes and the cost of recruitment and initial training, this type of activity is one of the best investments you can make in today’s challenging times.

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