Three top tips to give your Social Media content the recipe for success

February 11, 2013

73% of consumers prefer to read articles, rather than advertisements, to find out more. So it’s vital that your Social Media Content has the right mix of ingredients.Cook small

To make sure that your Social Communications are timely, interesting and relevant, follow these three top tips:

1. Keep the latest news trends on your radar. Use the BBC news App., or check your LinkedIn homepage, to check the latest news/comment/trends and where you can, ride on the wave.

For example if you rear the cattle and prepare the meat that goes into the burgers and pies that you make, now would be a very good time to tell the world about it.

2. Make sure your team understand that a responsibility of their role is to identify content.

They don’t need to write it, simply establish the latest topics customers and prospects are talking about. Have a process in place to encourage and reward staff participation.

3. Look at the world from the perspective of keywords. Explore topics where you would like to be associated with the readership. What are the key search words that identify these topics?

Use these words, within your content, to create a bridge to them through the search engines, connecting what you write with this audience?

An application like ‘Wordle’ can be of great help here.

These three ideas will help keep your Social Media content, tasty and fresh.

Something to think about when you are enjoying your pancakes, tomorrow evening, on Shrove Tuesday.

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