A new Business Group with Soul

When business, religion and community come together, it’s a heady and powerful combination. So, in these times of perceived corporate greed, massive increases in CEO remuneration and austerity in the streets, it could have been a potential spark to the gunpowder keg.

But it wasn’t like that at all.

When the Ely Cathedral Business Group launched this week, culminating with their business exhibition in the cathedral and evening event last night to celebrate Business in the Community, it couldn’t have been more inspiring!

ECBG believes that for a healthy community, you need a healthy business community too; as they both work together. And the purpose of this group is to explore and strengthen this bond, help businesses succeed and communities grow stronger.

Very persuasive arguments were eloquently made by CEO’s from Spearhead International and John Lewis, Tom Green and Charlie Mayfield together with Bishop of Ely Rt. Rev Stephen Conway.

Quite a cocktail of speakers.

It was fascinating to learn about John Lewis’s partnership model, where CEO pay is linked to remuneration on the shop floor and where Managers, top to bottom, are held accountable to the people that work for them.

Interesting too, that building a business and passing the value on doesn’t have to be all about selling it, yet the tax breaks to do otherwise can be penalising. And that a huge proportion of stock exchange transactions to sell these days are automatic, based upon computer algorithms.

The general stance of the ECBG was that it is time to ditch short termism; based upon continual profit and to generate a longer term stability and platform that supports the wellbeing of the community.

This was an excellent launch event and I’m sure that they will do well as the fundamentals upon which they are built are solid and make sense. It was such a pleasure to enjoy the majesty of the Cathedral and to be able to circulate all of the stands and not feel that you are in the usual exhibition ‘shark tank’ with everyone wanting to high pressure sell.

Well done to ECBG, this event sold itself. I’m very confident that the organisation will flourish and do well and I look forward to finding out more about how they intend supporting the community within which I live.

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