With Digital marketing comes accountability

Direct mail and Direct response advertising are very blunt tools compared with the way that modern Digital marketing is now driving sales and completely changing the role of Marketing Directors.

It’s about one word, ‘accountability’.

Digital marketing enables communication, promotion and measurement through multiple channels, enabling the creation of balance between branding, customer retention and sales; something that has never been possible before.

Today’s customers are more demanding and hungry for dialogue. Creativity is essential, the last thing they want is a ‘sales pitch’, the downfall of many a ‘Twitter’ strategy.

Digital marketing enables interactive communication across multiple platforms simultaneously, for example Smartphone, TV, Tablet and Computer. So it’s essential that the creativity and promotional mechanism is appropriate to the channel. Whilst a tablet user might be drawn to an ‘interactive game style’ promotion, a PC user will inevitably respond to a more ‘drill down’ information approach.

The major impact this all has, is that marketing now has a dual role. It can generate well qualified leads and also fill a Company’s sales pipeline.

So, assuming that the appropriate Web Content Management system is in place, organisations can take a critical look at achievement of marketing goals vs. spend vs. revenue generation. For the first time the direct correlation between the three can be measured.

And with this new accountability comes power. The skilled Marketing Director now has the ability to drive revenue for their Company, something that traditionally was once the domain of the Sales Director and previously often a source of conflict and frustration.

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