How can you improve your LinkedIn search rankings?

As one of the most powerful professional Social networks, when you gain a higher listing in their rankings, you will increase the opportunities open to you.

I’m not going to go into the science of this, just give you a few practical pointers that work.

The first is that your LinkedIn profile must be at 100%; nothing less. If it isn’t at 100% (and LinkedIn will tell you the percentage), then it doesn’t much matter what else you do, you won’t get anywhere near the top.

The second thing to do is create a list of phrases that people might use to search for individuals with your skills. Let’s take ‘Staff Development’ for example, an area that I work in, creating and running motivation programmes.

Go to LinkedIn’s ‘Advanced Search’, type in ‘Staff Development’ and see who appears on the listing. Take a look at their profiles and you will see how the words you used in your search have been highlighted, a clue to how the process works.

Having decided upon your own search phrases, you now need to ‘pepper’ your profile with these words. Do it carefully and in a manner that makes sense. Don’t just type in lines of the same words otherwise they will be picked up by LinkedIn and your account may get suspended.

Basically, the more times your phrases appear in your profile, the higher up the rankings you will go.

But it isn’t quite as easy as that. There’s one more thing that filters into this equation and that’s recommendations. The more you have, the higher your ranking will be.

So, three things for you to do:

• Make sure your profile is 100%
• Seed your profile with the key search words that you have chosen
• Ask the people you work with for a LinkedIn recommendation.

Hope it goes well for you, let me know how you get on.

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