Build your digital network so it’s there, ready and waiting, to help your next career or business move

With Social Media, planning for the future is essential, but where do you start?

It’s all about connecting with like minded people.  Here are 5 tips to help you build an effective social network.

  1. Create a strategy: This will form the foundations upon which you build.  Think about what you want to communicate and with whom.  Having worked this though, you can then choose the appropriate social media sites to help you achieve your goals.
  2. Don’t ignore your current contacts: Don’t forget to import your current email, instant messaging, and social network contacts.  Then you can leverage existing goodwill, rather than start from scratch.  This is particularly useful for building LinkedIn testimonials.
  3. Create a flowchart of how it will all work: There are so many plug-ins you can use to link your social media.  For example linking your Blog to Twitter or Facebook.  This means that any new entry is automatically broadcast across all the social media you use.  This will help you build your connections.
  4. Create your on-line personality: Look and listen before you start communicating; learn the etiquette.  Having done this, then join in.  Build your community by driving conversations, commenting on other people’s materials.  Start the development process to becoming a leader and expert in your chosen field.
  5. Plan where to go next: Social media is never static.  It’s growing at a phenomenal rate.  So keep ahead of the game, think about what will help you grow in stature and breadth.  Leverage what you are doing by using other technologies, whether those are podcasts, video blogs, or images.  You will expand your reach by providing better value for the other participants in your network, which means that they will be happy to help you connect with new people.

Keep at it – ten minutes a day is far better than an hour a week.

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