Crash, bang, wallop – accounts running, now we’re Social Media Marketing!

Well not quite – setting up your Social Media accounts is the easy part, when everyone is enthusiastic and ‘gung ho’ about making it happen. It’s what you do with them that makes the difference?

Before you even set up your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account, the first challenge is to really get to grips with what Social Media Marketing is all about.

Then having got your head around this, to establish a strategy and timeline for using Social Media Marketing to touch your business. You will also need to establish the resources needed to achieve this.

Notice, I use the word ‘touch’. That’s because SMM is all about consumers talking to each other about every topic under the sun and networking on a potentially massive scale. It’s not about selling or promotion of products or services. Tempting though it might be, joining a group and then spamming them isn’t the way forward – least not if you wish to survive in the pond it isn’t.

So, what is the way forward?

Firstly, it’s about listening, understanding the etiquette and mood and then joining into the conversation.

Then it’s about being relevant and giving ‘added value’ around your area of expertise and being generous with your knowledge.

For example, a PR company might communicate the basics of getting a press release right. Or a web company, some DIY search engine optimisation ideas. Or an IT company, tips for data storage strategies. Or an Estate agent, ways to prepare a property for sale to achieve the best price.

Whatever topics you choose, they need to be of interest to the group with whom you are communicating and capture their imagination.

That’s how the viral element is created with people sending your information to their friends and colleagues, in turn helping you to build your group of relevant contacts.

Do it right and a relationship starts. Then when they are ready to buy, they will migrate in your direction to purchase.

And that’s the basic process – simples!


One Response to Crash, bang, wallop – accounts running, now we’re Social Media Marketing!

  1. Ann says:

    Well said Jonathan! I love your advice on listening first and assessing the mood before joining in the conversation.
    I have very different conversations with different groups of people on Twitter (@AnnHawkins) because I have different relationships with them.
    There is no ‘one tweet fits all’ formula and that is why automated tweets rarely work – they are like someone coming into a cafe and shouting a sales message when you are having a chat with your friends.
    I love the way Twitter helps me to deepen the relationships with people I network with face to face and at the same time meet and get know others that I would never have met outside of the on-line world.

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