Earlier in the week I got bored, very bored, watching Top Gear

This has never happened before, it was the first time. Top Gear is one of my all time favourite TV shows, so what’s going on?

The great thing about Top Gear was the transition from being a ‘car’ show; all about cars, to becoming an ‘entertainment’ show; using cars.

This was a brilliant concept and a very successful formula which made it into an exceptionally popular programme. It was never about appraising cars that the masses buy, that was left to 5th Gear and the others.

But now they are in the doldrums because the creativity has definitely gone AWOL and so too have probably the budgets for the stunts.

And even the new stunts lack edge, seem inappropriate with the mood of the times appearing either staged or stupid, or a combination of the two, rather than ‘cool’.

Sadly, the result is a fallback to what’s worked in the past, which is precisely why I think I’m becoming rather bored with part, if not all of the show. It has lost its way and the presenters have become caricatures of their own personalities.

And this is a great shame because it used to be my favourite programme and was cutting edge, for many years. But now, like the Sony Walkman, things have moved on and left it behind. It’s redundant and passed its sell by date.

And this is what happens when we get used to something and don’t keep it up to date. We become complacent, which is why it’s important to continually critique what we do, with fresh thinking.


One Response to Earlier in the week I got bored, very bored, watching Top Gear

  1. David Wheal says:

    Oh Jonathan, how true!!!! Is it an age thing? No, the programme is now rubbish! At least JC still thinks Aston Martins are still the dogs…

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