What’s the most important thing you want to get out of EEDA’s Destination Growth ’09?

Destination Growth ’09, has the potential be one of the most exciting and innovative business events of the year.  An absolute must to go to if it is anything like the event two years ago and is without doubt, East Anglia’s flagship business event.

Destination Growth 09 V2I asked people going, what they wanted to get out of the day and these were the answers…..

“I want a better understanding of some of the areas of the seminar topics, especially marketing to/from SMEs.  I also want to network.”

“I am interested to find out from delegates how they have coped with the current economic climate and networking for both clients and suppliers.”

“To help with the motivation to take my business up a level, something that happens when you spend a day listening to people with good ideas.”

“To make connections that will become long term strategic alliances, particularly with any business interested in CSR or wishing to embrace a ‘responsible business’ agenda.”

“A combination of fresh thinking and business development is important to me.  By being immersed in an environment where everyone is thinking and talking about business growth is bound to lead to some changes in my perception, and therefore to planned actions for growth.”

“As a proactive and commercial FD, I’m always interested in listening to various business scenarios from various sectors. I am interested in how different businesses have felt the economic climate and how they have dealt with it.”

“Personal development is top of the list for me, which in turn will have a positive impact on my business. I’m also keen to network.”

Brilliant and varied answers – Tuesday 3rd November 2009 promises to be an exciting day.

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