Help – recipes wanted that men can cook

I want to help the women of East Anglia encourage their men folk to cook.

Cooking for menI was twittering away, when one of the tweets I received, was from a lady on holiday relaxing, whilst her husband was cooking dinner. 

Nothing unusual about that you might think.  A kind and thoughtful gesture and away from the barbeque!

Unfortunately after a very short time, emergency help with the rice was called for, so moment lost!  

So, rather sadly, his kind offer didn’t appear to be matched by his skills, and the lady in question was in distress.

So how about it, let’s create a bullet proof cook book for men?  More sophisticated than beans on toast, tastier than a bacon ‘sarnie’, and something that will ‘wow’ the ladies.

I’ll put together an e-book of the top 10 dishes for blokes to cook, if you can provide the recipes.

It will require engineering details like a Haines car manual.  Then, specific information on where to get the parts from, and a thorough description of which are the correct tools to use.  And finally, details of the sequence in which to construct the masterpiece.

Think Meccano for cooks!

Are you up for the challenge?

Send your recipes to  I’ll credit your details and circulate the e-book to everyone who submits a recipe!


One Response to Help – recipes wanted that men can cook

  1. Barry Lewis says:

    I’m learning to cook and happy to share a recipe that I’ve tried….
    Youtube –
    Twitter @myvirginkitchen

    If there’s one that takes your fancy let me know.


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