Things that ‘Make my Day’

I don’t mean in the Clint Eastwood sense, but things that just make me smile and feel good about life.  And I mean little things that just happen day to day, not involving family and friends.

iStock_000003077842XSmall[1]Generally, they are random acts. 

Perhaps a motorist stopping graciously at a zebra crossing, with a smile, so I can cross the road.  Or someone else stopping to let mother duck and her brood of ducklings cross the roads in Ely, safely.

Maybe it’s a casual smile or perhaps a cheery ‘Good Morning’ as you pass someone else walking down the street.  Or a shopkeeper’s small talk, remembering something you said when you last met.

I once heard about a train driver who sang information to the tune of “I Did It My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

So instead of “The next stop is Olympia where this train terminates.”

He sang, “And now, the end is near…… and now we reach…. our final destination.  We’ve come from High Street Ken….. and passed through all…… those other stations…..”

There was no reason for him to do it.  He wouldn’t get paid anymore for it.  Nobody would buy more tube tickets because of it.  There was no financial benefit.  No material incentive.

He was just having fun.  And the people on the train had fun, listening to him have fun.  It just made the people on the train feel better, helping to make the world go around.

I would like to have been on that train.

Yet it isn’t, to my knowledge, part of any Customer Relationship Management process in the world (apart from one internal South African airline who sing their safety message).  Can you imagine the conversation during the corporate planning process – the idea would be seen as far to ‘off the wall’.

Bring it on – it makes the world a better place.


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