What can you do if your star salesman’s upsetting the team?

Here are a few strategies to get the whole team pulling together should you find yourself in this situation.

Star salesmanIt can happen.  The team are struggling to achieve target, yet one salesman is consistently ahead of the game.  They won’t share leads, don’t follow the sales process and fail to put in the figures and paperwork on time.

You don’t want to lose them, because they are delivering business.  Yet at the same time they are de-motivating the rest of the team and not towing the corporate line; neither of which are a good thing and could encourage others to leave.

The start point is to accept that these folk are high maintenance and that there are big egos and pride at stake here.  Often they don’t wish to be promoted because their motivation is achieving the numbers and being paid big bonuses when they do so.

To tame this tiger (or tigress) will require finesse, skill and a delicate touch.  So start by spending time with them.  Find out what makes them tick, get to understand what drives them and then build on this.  For example, if recognition is key, turn some of their customers into detailed case studies – get their clients to highlight the ‘Added Value’ that the individual brings and acknowledge this. 

Perhaps they get frustrated by ‘red tape’.  If they do, a junior staff member can job shadow them and help with the administration. 

It might be that they just don’t agree with the sales process.  If so, get them to identify the stages they go through – perhaps it’s something that could be used to develop the overall sales training approach?

It’s about getting closer to these individuals and using their skills to highlight additional opportunity for the organisation.  By spending time with them and getting them involved on this level, you can achieve this. 

If you would like a few suggestions how this can be practically applied to your business, give me a call on 07971 006 446 and we can talk it through.


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