HRketing – blending HR and Marketing skills

PeopleJust like various fine Eastern cuisines have morphed into a tasty fusion, so have HR and Marketing in some multi-nationals.  The win, win result has generated considerable interest and improvement in candidate quality and experience.

Whilst using very different languages, the two disciplines actually do fulfil very similar functions.  Marketing targets consumers and potential consumers and HR targets employees and potential employees.

And whilst organisations may see the brand messages, aimed at these two groups as different; consumers and employees don’t!

This is where economies of scale can create significant benefits.  The approach ensures empathy between creative messages, common use of imagery and templates, improvement of the journey through the recruitment process and use of an HR marketing planning toolkit to prevent duplication of effort and save time. 

This is a novel approach that creates consistency and efficiency, cross pollinating the skills of the two disciplines to create a more professional approach.

The outcome for one of the organisations adopting this approach has been to cut the time from final assessment to job offer by half, considerably raise candidate experience scores and be far more cost effective in the recruitment process, as talent markets are clearly identified.

As my organisation combines marketing, communication, motivation and coaching skills, I can see how this novel approach has brought dividends to those with the vision to adopt it.


One Response to HRketing – blending HR and Marketing skills

  1. Interesting observation. I do see the linkages between marketing and HR, though I take a wider view of HR’s role.

    It is only part of the role of HR to identify a clear organisational brand and through this to target employees and potential employees, but the role is much broader. My own definition is here – One of the problems with HR in many organisations is that their role is not clearly identified.

    I do agree with your comments about the benefits that marketing can bring to HR – it’s a pity more HR functions don’t see it!

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