Don’t let conference inertia creep into your business

Group PhotoYou’ve just had the conference or team meeting, the staff got wildly enthusiastic and everyone’s excited about the future, but when next week arrives it’s back to normal.  ‘What next’?

‘What next’ is perhaps, the most crucial aspect of conference planning, as it is really the starting point?  So, it is essential that all the participants go away with a clear message of what needs doing next, and how it will be achieved. 

And the only way to do this is through continuity.

And by this I mean constructing a route through the whole process. 

It will go something like this; keynote speeches feed in to relevant workshops, which result in identified strategies and objectives, which are translated into workplace action, measured through the achievement of KPI’s, rewarded through performance remuneration and followed-up through 1 two 1’s, resulting in feedback to complete the loop.

This is much more difficult to construct in practice, as it is so easy to overcomplicate matters.

Maintaining clear goals with clarity is absolutely essential.  The temptation is always to add a bit more. 

And in this case more is less, so resist it.

So, there you are.  When you plan your next event, think backwards!


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