Do you know why customers purchase from you?

MessageinabottleSometimes even serial entrepreneurs leave finding out to chance and get it wrong. But what can you do to minimise this as, in today’s market, drawing the wrong conclusions could prove disastrous?

One way is to adapt the 360 degree survey process – turn it on its head and use it for customer, rather than staff input.

You can involve everyone in the customer chain and use it to get valuable feedback which will also help identify cross selling opportunity too.

Or perhaps introduce a series of planning workshops or seminars to help customers get the very best from your products or service. This process can also help you gain valuable information about where your customers want to go. Then you can follow up by starting a dialogue with them to identify ways that you can support them along this journey.

All these types of activity will help you get closer to customers, giving them ‘added value’, which will identify additional opportunity for you, taking the guesswork out of the equation and locking out the competition.

If you would like a few suggestions how this can be practically applied to your business, give me a call on 07971 006 446 and we can talk it through.


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