It just isn’t Cricket

Amazing the business lessons that can be learnt from Sport

ProgrammeI went to Trent Bridge yesterday, to watch the Aussies just pip the Brits in the latest One Day International. 

Not a game I’m used to – Pyjamas, Power play, floodlights, 50 over’s a side and a 10.30pm finish, very different from a five day Test match.

It wasn’t the batting or bowling that lost the game for England, but poor fielding by the whole team. 

There were a series of schoolboy errors through a lack of focus.  Time after time the ball was missed and instead of a single, the Aussies got four runs, from a boundary. 

And this all came home to roost when Australia has just two over’s to go and about 12 runs needed to win.  And win they did.  And it could have so easily been the other way round if only the whole English team had been motivated and focused on saving runs every second of the game.

The business equivalent is when the sales and after sales team is working well whilst other areas of the business don’t have their fingers on the pulse and then spoil all their good work.  For example the bill was wrong and late, the goods damaged, incorrect or delivered late, the instructions missing or in a foreign language, so on and so forth. 

And then firefighting is needed to try and put things right.

Don’t let it happen – well at least not to your business – get it 100% right in the first place, make sure it’s the competition that do it, because they are the ones that will lose out, not you!

Have you got the scorecard KPI’s in place to prevent this happening?  If not and you’d like a few ideas, do call me on 07971 006 446.


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