Sharing knowledge makes you stronger

One characteristic of any successful organisation is the ability to share knowledge.  It’s a fundamental feature that all employees, at every level, embrace the idea of sharing information.  In team games we do it all the time, but in business often the opposite happens.  So how can you prevent this happening?

Here’s the first of my five tips, others to follow shortly………

Tip one is pretty simple.  Share your own knowledge. 

Leaders never stop leading, and the example you set in everything you do will be noted and often copied by your team.  Sharing your knowledge implies that you want other people to benefit through the information you give them.

For the secure leader, or the leader in a growing organisation, that’s no problem.  For Managers it can be an issue, as the perception of becoming dispensable is not seen as a good strategy for personal progression.  

You can overcome this by making the sharing of knowledge and the growth of your people an integral part of your culture.  And one of the most effective ways of achieving this is to set up a mentoring programme.

If you haven’t done this before, you will be amazed by the energy that your mentor’s get out of helping others develop.  Especially when its part of a company backed philosophy. 

If you want help setting up such a scheme, give me a call on 07971 006 446.


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