A better way to generate creative solutions

Who likes brainstorming? Most find such sessions hard going. With the pressure on to come up with a ‘good idea’- minds go blank. Did you know that there is a proven technique for producing ideas?  Ad agency J Walter Thompson used it to great effect.

I have developed the concept into a teambuilding workshop – essential learning for anyone who wishes to progress creative problem solving.

Would you like your team to develop better ideas?

My workshop explores five key stages of the process:

1.    The information you need to collect relevant to the problem

2.    Techniques to effectively ‘Mentally digest’ the issues – to help view the information from all angles

3.    Ways to incubate this information

4.    How to capture the ideas that arise from these thoughts

5.    Application of a ‘Reality check’ to test and develop the ideas with colleagues

The key to success is to work through the process – most people jump straight to steps 4 & 5 missing the early stages.

Ideas can be generated as part of a team process – they don’t have to be a collection of individual ideas.

We can help you incorporate the process into your team communication strategy.

The start point is a two hour workshop, which can be either standalone or incorporated within an existing team meeting.

This workshop is informal, challenging and provides essential information to improve the creative problem solving abilities of your team.

For further information please call me on 07971 006446 or email  jonathan@fcgconsultancy.co.uk


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