“Half my marketing is wasted….the trouble is, I don’t know which half”

… these immortal words were uttered by pioneer retailer John Wanamaker nearly 100 years ago. For many organisations, they still ring true today. 

To help organisations identify the 50% that works best for them, FCG Consultancy have developed a marketing analytical called Check-it™.

Check-it™ works by enabling an organisation to overlay an analytical flow chart model onto their business, which is used as a framework to identify trends and benchmark success. It encourages teams to work more closely together with the overriding goal of moving the business or organisation forward because it is a positive and constructive process.

Check-it™ has been developed from many years’ experience gained from working within franchised organisations, to assess their sales and marketing capabilities.

FCG Consultancy has published a free e-book describing how the process works, which includes the model. It can be downloaded free from www.fcgconsultancy.co.uk


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